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About Us

ICAM – Ipswich Community Access Media is a nonprofit PEG (Public, Education and Government)
Access Organization. ICAM offers a form of non-commercial mass media where the general public
can create content television programming which is narrowcast through cable TV specialty channels.

ICAM cablecast stations include:

ICAM us fully funded through Comcast and Verizon Cable Companies.
The ICAM studio and editing suites are available for Ipswich residents to utilize
for the production of their own television programming. We are a Volunteer* driven organization
committed to involving and training community members of all ages and backgrounds,
so they may utilize the ICAM facilities to develop diversified, informative and entertaining programs.

See the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Guide to PEG* CHANNELS

*Please see the FAQ for more information about PEG Access or how to become a Volunteer.