Who can use ICAM’s equipment, editing suites and studio?

Ipswich Residents and Community Members of our zip code: 01938. Basically, anyone (all ages & backgrounds) who live, work, and/or go to school full-time in Ipswich.

How can I become a trained Volunteer with ICAM?

To become a volunteer, you can attend one of our training workshops offered throughout the year or call the office 978-356-0353 or Email: ICAMIpswich@yahoo.com and request a training session. ICAM will work to accommodate the volunteer's schedule to find time when training can occur.


  • Training for Field Production: 3 two-hour sessions, schedule one session a week. Learn techniques for camera operation, microphones, tripods, and other video equipment and accessories. Upon completion, you may sign-up for one-on-one training Adobe Premier Editing.
  • Training for Multi-Camera Studio Production: 3 two-hour sessions, schedule one session a week. Learn how to operate studio cameras, audio mixer, technical directing, lighting and more.
  • One-on-one training for specific events are also offered. Call the office for details.

What kind of equipment is available at ICAM?

In Studio / Multicamera Studio:

  • 3 Studio Cameras
  • Green Screen
  • Control Room
  • State of the art lighting and audio set up.
  • Monitor / Stage / small number of props, & some studio furniture

Equipment for Field Use:

  • 5 Field Cameras
  • 5 Tripods
  • Lighting Kit
  • Portable Audio Mixer
  • 4 Handheld microphones
  • 1 Shotgun Microphone
  • Numerous wireless microphones
  • 1 Drone Camera (only operated by ICAM staff)

Editing Suites:

  • 3 Apple computers
  • 2 Mac Pro Laptops
  • Editing software: Adobe Complete Creative Suite which includes Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and more.

How do I reserve camera equipment for field use?

Trained Volunteers may call the office 978-356-0353 or ICAMIpswich@yahoo.com to request equipment.
Request must include:

  • Name of Volunteer, phone # , email.
  • Date/time: planned PICK UP of equipment
  • Date/time: planned RETURN of equipment
  • Event type & location (sports, lecture, parade, etc…indoor, outdoor, both)
  • Estimated length of event (1 hour, 3 hours, etc…)
  • Items needed (1 camera, 2 cameras, tripod, microphones, etc)

What kind of program can I produce for ICAM?

ANYTHING YOU WANT as long as it complies with the FCC regulations. FCC does not allow PEG Access Channels to be utilized for commercial purposes. Also no vulgarity and nudity are allowed.

Does volunteering with ICAM count towards school community service hours?


How long does it typically take to create a 20 minute program?

On average - to produce one minute of edited content, it will take one hour of time. Therefore, to complete a 20 minute program, it can be anticipated that 20 hours of production work will be necessary. This includes pre-production, recording and editing.

How can the ICAM Staff help me produce a program?

ICAM Staff can provide hands on training with all our equipment. (See: How can I become a trained Volunteer?) Once that training is complete, ICAM staff will assist in the finalization of the production as follows:
For Field Shoots:
ICAM will fulfill equipment requests and have all necessary items ready for pick up by the Volunteer on agreed upon time/day. ICAM’s role is to facilitate the organization of the production and support the Volunteer, but unfortunately, we do not have enough Staff available to send out to record for every production. ICAM keeps a current list of all Trained (Camera Operators) Volunteers that can assist other Residents/Volunteers in video shoots. If a Volunteer needs a camera person - they may ask ICAM to email blast our Volunteer list to try and coordinate a trained camera operator to work with the Requestor. Note: For very complex, difficult field projects, with plenty of advanced notice, ICAM might be able to provide staff to attend/assist a Field Shoot.
For In Studio Shoots:
Ideally - there should be 4-5 people (besides the talent in front of the camera, host and guests) in the Studio to create a successful shoot. 2-3 Camera operators, 1 Director, 1 Audio person. In reality this does not always happen. If you have a studio shoot in mind, and book the studio time far enough in advance, ICAM may provide support in the Control Room. ICAM can assist Volunteers in looking for additional Studio support (ie emailing other Volunteers). For on-going studio shows (multiple episodes), ICAM will set up regular training
for the Volunteers to utilize and learn the Studio equipment. Once the content is recorded, the ICAM Staff will guide the Volunteer through basic editing. This includes: importing footage and arranging an order for the content / show, adding audio, titles, credits, transitions and other effects necessary to complete the program.

What is the role of the Staff at ICAM?

Program content on ICAM stations are volunteer driven. There are 2 full time and 2 part time staff members in the ICAM office,who are available to train and support Volunteers. Unfortunately there is not enough staff in the office to allow the station to act as a production house and fully create programs based on ideas of community residents. The staff is more than willing to book training time with residents and guide them through the process of production, shooting, and editing. Our hope is that the experience will be fun and creative for those involved and will encourage residents / volunteers to return to ICAM and continue to create local programming.

Can I promote my local business on Cable Access Stations?

FCC laws state that public access stations cannot create programming for profit. If a local business wants to Sponsor a program or donate for a specific production, they may receive a credit in that production.

How is ICAM funded?

ICAM is a nonprofit organization, fully funded via Comcast and Verizon.

How do I get my child's sporting event to be shown on ICAM?

Any resident may record youth sports for cablecast on ICAM. The resident needs to sign up as an ICAM Member and learn to use the field equipment. You can request a one-to-one 30 minute training session to enable you to sign-out the equipment to cover the event, instead of taking the formal, in-depth 3 session field production workshop. It is courteous to check with the coach and team players before you record the activity.

What kind of camps/clubs for kids are offered at ICAM?

A variety of clubs are offered to students in Ipswich. These include after school programs and summer programs. Please call or email to find out the most current program offerings. icamipswich@yahoo.com. 978-356-0353.

Can I cablecast videos/programs created outside of Ipswich on the ICAM stations?

YES. As long as they are in compliance with FCC regulations, do not violate any copyright infringement laws and an Ipswich Residents sponsors and signs a Cable Compliance Form, they can be cablecast on ICAM.

Can ICAM provide DVD copies of programs?

Volunteer Producers of Programs may receive free producer copy and a guest copy on DVD per episode.
Copies of Programs produced at ICAM may be requested directly from the facility at a nominal price. This fee covers the cost of materials, staff, and equipment maintenance incurred by ICAM and any sales tax liability.

What is PEG Access?

PEG (Public, Education and Government) access television is a form of non-commercial mass media where the general public can create content television programming which is narrowcast through cable TV specialty channels. PEG access television was created in the United States between 1969 and 1971 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under Chairman Dean Burch, based on pioneering work and advocacy of George Stoney, Red Burns (Alternate Media Center),(1) and Sidney Dean (City Club of NY). Public-access television is often grouped with public, educational, and government access television channels, by the acronym PEG.
PEG Channels are typically only available on cable television systems.



Who is in charge of video recording at the PAC?

All recording of events at the PAC (Ipswich Performing Arts Center - next to the Ipswich Middle School / High School) are handled by the PAC coordinator. The PAC is not under the ICAM umbrella, and ICAM does not have authorization to access to the PAC without going through the PAC Coordinator. ICAM will cablecast events from the PAC when the requests are made to ICAM and footage/feed is provided.